Yahoo! Mail-Block a Contact

Have you accidentally added someone you don’t want to receive mails from? You want to Block a Contact from sending unwanted persistent mails and messages? Marking the emails as the spams aren’t enough to stop them from seeing you. You can block up to 500 contacts in Yahoo! mail. By blocking someone, you’re disabling them from sending you emails as well as messages on messenger. If you’re receiving unwanted emails from someone and you want them to never appear in your inbox, then there’s no better option than blocking them from the mail.

Here is a complete guide to Block a Contact on Yahoo! Mail.

  • Sign in to your Yahoo! account.
  • On the top of the page, you will see a button saying, ‘Option’. Click on it and select the ‘Mailing Options’ from the menu.
  • Select the ‘Blocked Addresses’ from the left panel.
  • Type the address in the ‘Add an address’ textbox.
  • Click on ‘Block’
  • Then click on ‘Save’ from the bottom left.
  • You won’t receive any text or mails from the address you’ve blocked. To unblock the person, select the address from the ‘Blocked addresses’ list. Click on ‘Remove’ to remove the address from the block list.

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