Yahoo! Mail Classic – Always Write Your Message As Plain Text

Sometimes you need to format your mails depending on the recipient you’re sending your mail to. it is not that easy to switch back and forth between formatting styles. So you can choose the plain text as the most accepted denominator. As you know that Yahoo! mail uses Rich Text Format, which is also known as HTML, to write emails. There might be cases when you want to send your emails as a plain text only. In fact, in the case of professional mails, always write your message as plain text. Yahoo! enables you to write emails in plain text format which doesn’t contain any formatting information.

Follow these steps to write your message as plain text.

  • Log in to your Yahoo! account. Open a new mail.
  • It will by default use the formatting of the original email or rich text in case of a new email.
  • Click on the ‘Plain Text’ option displayed on the right corner of the subject line.
  • The warning will be displayed ‘This will change your message into plain text. All formatting will be lost. Continue?”
  • Click on ‘OK’.



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